Portrait of Tobias Eichinger.

Ethics in Medicine

eLearning tool provides interactive introduction to the fundamental questions of the doctor-patient relationship

Doctors are constantly confronted with ethical questions, such as who should be allocated one of the scarce donor organs and whether mentally ill people should be treated against their will. The medical ethics eLearning tool teaches medical students how to weigh up ethical questions. The course, which is available on the OLAT online platform, allows students to independently acquire basic knowledge on medical ethics questions. The learning tool is interactive and provides instructors with the students’ proposed solutions, which can then be discussed in small groups in a classroom setting. “The tool harnesses the benefits of blended learning, which combines eLearning and classroom teaching,” says Tobias Eichinger from the Institute of Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine. Eichinger adds that the teaching aid has proven successful since the initial trials and is constantly being adapted. He is currently working with colleagues on a serious moral game involving ethically complex case studies for advanced semesters. The interactive video game uMed: your Choice is set to be launched soon.