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UZH Journal 3/19


UZH Journal 3/19: Accolades for Teaching

UZH Journal 3/19 (Cover)

The University recognizes outstanding members of its teaching staff.

Focus: Accolades for Teaching

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UZH is paying tribute to three members of the teaching staff and four innovative teaching projects.

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Information Campaign on Open Access

Tabletcomputer at a library

Open access is gathering pace. The Swiss National Science Foundation’s strategic objective is for all the research findings it funds to be freely accessible from 2020 onward. The University of Zurich is stepping up the advice and training it offers on open access.

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Debate: Fertility on Ice

Laboratory scence

Specialists at the University of Zurich are thoroughly investigating the topic of social egg freezing — whereby egg cells are frozen as a precautionary measure with a view to a pregnancy at a later date. Legal expert Andrea Büchler and physician Bruno Imthurn discuss reasons and benefits, but also the possible constraints of the new method.

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In the Spotlight

Portrait of Jeanne Peter

The scientific illustrator Jeanne Peter prepares clear and vivid depictions of scientific subjects and research.

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Portrait Michael Hermann

Portrait of Michael Hermann

If you’re interested in politics, you’ve seen Michael Hermann. The political geographer’s unprecedented knowledge about Swiss political parties and developments makes him the obvious choice whenever the media need a political expert.

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Faces of Research

Portrait of Simon Müller

Astrophysicist Simon Müller has a penchant for planets. When it comes to Jupiter, the researcher has recently made a veritable breakthrough. Working together with groups in China and the US, Müller used his model calculations to demonstrate that a giant impact is likely to have shattered the core of a young Jupiter.

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Four Questions for the President

Michael Hengartner

The President explains why the University of Zurich should increase its international visibility.

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