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UZH Journal 1/19


UZH Journal 1/19: Ready for the future

UZH Journal 1/19 (Cover)

The largest faculty of the UZH has completely renewed its study offerings.

In Focus: Study reform

Collage der neuen Studiengänge

The Faculty of Arts launches many new, innovative and interdisciplinary Master's programmes.

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Portrait François Chapuis: Fighting for the best solution

François Chapuis

François Chapuis is as passionate about creative details as he is about great architecture. He has been Director of Real Estate and Facility Management at UZH since December 2018.

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“Open access publishing can’t be stopped”

Marc Thommen

Professor of criminal law Marc Thommen has joined forces with 13 of his colleagues to bring out Switzerland’s first-ever textbook about law published in open access. The freely accessible publication can be downloaded online for free.

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Debatte: One Health

Mann mit Schutzmaske

“One Health” has become a buzzword in the healthcare sector. Veterinarian Roger Stephan and physician Jan Fehr explain the meaning behind the term and make it clear that the fight against infectious diseases and other health problems affecting humans and animals can only succeed if veterinary medicine, human medicine and other disciplines all work together.

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Portrait Florian Altermatt: Embracing the Wilderness

Florian Altermatt

Ecologist Florian Altermatt has presided over the Swiss Biodiversity Forum since the beginning of the year. He’s committed to researching biodiversity and facilitating the cooperation of scientists and policy-maker.

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Portrait Christine Schraner Burgener: Across Borders

Christine Schraner Burgener

Swiss diplomat Christine Schraner Burgener has been the United Nations Special Envoy on Myanmar since last spring. A law degree from the University of Zurich formed the basis for her exceptional career.

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Remembering a Forgotten Researcher

Tanja Hammel

Tanja Hammel researched the life and work of Mary Elizabeth Barber, the first woman ornithologist in South Africa.

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