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UZH Journal 1/21


UZH Journal 1/21: Transdisciplinary Teaching

Transdisciplinary Studies

UZH Journal 2/20 (Cover)

Focus: UZH promotes interdisciplinary studies.

Illustrationen UZH

Joined-up study: The diversity of UZH favors interdisciplinary teaching formats


International Exchange during the pandemic

COVID-19 thwarted the plans of exchange students in Zurich and all over the world. We inquired about the implications the crisis is having on student mobility – and how UZH students have made the best of their “corona stay” in their host country. 

Studentin sitzt auf Koffer

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Top-Ten Media Releases 2020

Last year, UZH issued some 90 media releases. Find out which research findings were picked up by the most media outlets in our 2020 top ten. 

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Schildkröte im Wasser

Senior Researcher and Teaching Staff Representative Body (VFFL)

Altes Buch

Caroline Maake and Jan Helbing both serve as co-presidents of the association representing the recently established Senior Researcher and Teaching Staff Representative Body. We sat down with them to discuss their initial goals, research conditions at UZH and bringing passion to the classroom.

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Humanities Initiative

Obermüller im Kaffee Motta

Tatiana Crivelli, Inga Mai Groote (in the picture) and Andreas Thier discuss together

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In the Spotlight

David Dorn im Chinagarten

Medical historian Flurin Condrau sees the current crisis as a chance to rethink the role of medicine in society. 

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My Alma Mater

Obermüller im Kaffee Motta

Personalities look back on their time as students at UZH. This time, jazz musician and composer Nik Bärtsch.

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