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UZH Increasing Vocational Training Opportunities

Stefan Vujmilovic

The University of Zurich is not only an attractive place to study, but also provides young people with interesting apprenticeship opportunities, for example as polytechnicians, dental assistants, logistics specialists and IT specialists. At present 84 young trainees in 12 different professions are taking advantage of these positions and receiving vocational training.  

UZH is thereby fulfilling its mission to educate young people, enabling them to gain a foothold in the job market. The responsibility for vocational training and trainees lies with the individual departments/institutes, offices and clinics. Excluded from this are commercial trainees at the HR department of the Department of Finance of the Canton of Zurich, who for years have completed one year of their apprenticeship at UZH.

New guidelines

In 2018, the University of Zurich instructed those responsible for basic vocational training to develop a concept to create consistent employment conditions, relevant guidelines as well as an implementation plan for expanding the number of apprenticeships. These guidelines, which were written in cooperation with all vocational trainers, include rules for the various framework conditions and cover key topics when it comes to vocational training at UZH, for example working hours, supervision and absences. The guidelines are aimed at all members of UZH who are involved in providing training to apprentices. The planned measures will be implemented from 1 August 2020.  

More apprenticeships

The number of apprenticeships offered within UZH has been increasing slowly but steadily over the past few years, since a few vocational trainers already decided they would provide one or more additional apprenticeship positions. Now the university’s strategy when it comes to basic vocational training will also consider the “jobs of the future”. The number of apprenticeships will be expanded from August 2020, provided suitable jobs and positions with relevant tasks, professional instruction as well as funding are available. Departments/institutes, offices and clinics interested in this topic can contact Marina Gutmann, head of vocational training, in the spring. (sts)

By Stefan Stöcklin; translated by Philip Isler

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«The number of apprenticeships will be expanded from August 2020.»

Marina Gutmann, Head of basic vocational training


Stevan Vujmilovic completes his first year as a polymechanic.
Image: zVg, Physikwerkstatt UZH