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UZH Journal 1/20


UZH Journal 1/20: Sustainability

What can you do in your workplace to help the planet?

UZH Journal 1/20 (Cover)

Focus: Sustainability

Illustrationen zur Nachhaltigkeit

UZH has been stepping up its efforts to develop sustainably since 2014. One key goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the running of the university. This is an area where UZH members can contribute through their day-to-day actions. We’ve put together information on a number of sustainability initiatives as well as some practical recommendations.

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Climate Crisis, Evolution and a New Building Project


UZH researchers’ answers to the burning questions of the day made international headlines in 2019. The plans for the new “Forum UZH” also met with great media interest.

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UZH Increasing Vocational Training Opportunities

Stevan Vujmilovic

The University of Zurich is not only an attractive place to study, but also provides young people with interesting apprenticeship opportunities. Now the university’s strategy when it comes to basic vocational training will also consider the “jobs of the future”.

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“Libraries Are Popular Venues for Studying”

Brigitte Schubnell und Wilfried Lochbühler

We may live in a digital age, but student demand for libraries is hotter than ever, according to Brigitte Schubnell and Wilfried Lochbühler from the University’s Main Library (HBZ). We sat down with the HBZ’s two directors to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this indispensable institution.

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“We want to relieve the burden on family doctors”

Birgit Watzke

Birgit Watzke does research into specialist care provision for people with mental health needs.

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”Credibility Is the Greatest Asset”

Jürg Dinner

Universities communicate – but why and for what purpose? To mark the 50th anniversary of the UZH Journal, Jürg Dinner, head of UZH Communications, and Mike S. Schäfer, professor of science communication, discuss the media, academia and changes in the way higher education institutions communicate.

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Less Cramming, More Depth

Alain Griffel

The Faculty of Law at UZH is making fundamental changes to its programs that will go into effect in the Fall Semester of 2021. We sat down with Alain Griffel, Vice Dean of Studies, to better understand the goals of the upcoming reform.

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The Biographer

Regina Dieterle

Celebrated alumni look back at their time at UZH. In this edition, we meet Regina Dieterle, a Fontane expert who works as an author and high school teacher.

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From Lab to Life

Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch

Fabienne Hartmann-Fritsch still feels most at home in the lab, even though she now spends more time in front of her PC than inspecting Petri dishes.

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