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UZH Journal

“I only got the jitters when I hadn’t studied enough.”

Porträt Joller

Nicole Joller, Assistant Professor of Immune Regulation

“There are people who get downright sick at the thought of exams. Luckily it was never that bad for me. Sure, I got nervous at times – and of course especially when I hadn’t studied enough. I specifically recall one exam that went particularly poorly for me: Organic chemistry. The exam was written by a new professor. He had given us a practice test, but it turned out to have very little in common with the actual exam. Fortunately I was able to make up for it by completing other modules. This experience taught me important lessons for my studies and later for my professorship. Being well-prepared doesn’t just mean studying enough but also knowing how an exam will be structured – for example, for oral exams – and knowing what material you’re going to be tested on. If your preparation is on point, you can show up to your exam with a clear conscience and say, ‘This is going to go well. I can do it!’”