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UZH Journal 4/18


UZH Journal 4/18: Young Talent on the Move

UZH Journal 4/18 (Cover)

Why junior researchers from abroad come to the University of Zurich.

In focus: Preferred Destination UZH

Michael Matschiner

The University of Zurich offers attractive research opportunities, including such for postdocs from abroad – this becomes clear by looking at some of the researchers who thanks to EU grants have been able to work in the lab of their choice.

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Portrait: Deputy President Gabriele Siegert

Gabriele Siegert

Gabriele Siegert recently started her work as Deputy President of UZH, in addition to her position as Vice President. Her goals include streamlining evaluation processes and promoting sustainability and diversity at UZH.

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Interview: Martin Gubser, UZH Foundation

Martin Gubser

Martin Gubser has headed the UZH Foundation since the beginning of May. He intends to step up efforts to raise funds from alumni and attract bequests to tap what he sees as the greatest potential – private individuals.

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Debate: Internationality and Mobility


Sociologist Katja Rost and molecular biologist Christian Mosimann discuss the significance of international experience and mobility for academic careers.

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Faces of Research

Tomas Tamfal

Astrophysicist Tomas Tamfal simulates collisions of dwarf galaxies.

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Im Rampenlicht: Philippe Bugnon

Philippe Bugnon

Veterinarian Philippe Bugnon trains researchers who conduct animal testing – even as far away as South Africa.

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"Uniding" No. 70


The Narwhal's tooth in the natural history collection.

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