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UZH Journal 4/20


UZH Journal 4/20: “Assuring the quality of teaching”

President Michael Schaepman and Deputy President Gabriele Siegert talk about what’s now important.

UZH Journal 2/20 (Cover)

Focus: President Michael Schaepman and Deputy President Gabriele Siegert in conversation.

Illustrationen zur Nachhaltigkeit

UZH President Michael Schaepman and Deputy President Gabriele Siegert state unequivocally that the university is doing everything in its power to enable students to complete the Fall Semester as normal. The university is well set up for digital teaching in technological terms; on the personnel side, however, it’s reaching its limits.


Geography in Celebratory Mood

Domiciled at UZH, Switzerland’s largest department of geography is celebrating its 125th anniversary. As Director Jan Seibert explains, no other discipline offers greater variety.

Geographen auf dem Berg

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“Exploiting this enormous pool of knowledge”

Beccarelli und Schoch im virtuellen Gespräch

Commissions act as an important hub where information from different parts of the university flows together. We spoke with Laura Beccarelli (V-ATP) and Hannah Schoch (VAUZ) about the meaning, purpose and benefits of serving on committees.

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In the Spotlight

David Dorn im Chinagarten

Economist David Dorn is one of the most prominent representatives of his profession. He owes his rise to fame to his analysis of trade with China.

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My Alma Mater

Obermüller im Kaffee Motta

Celebrated alumni look back at their time at UZH. This time, we talk to journalist, broadcaster and writer Klara Obermüller.

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Faces of Research

Wernsdörfer untersucht Textilien

Martina Wernsdörfer reads, researches, and interprets textiles like other cultural scholars.

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