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UZH Journal 3/20


UZH Journal 3/20: Going to University Opens Up Many Paths

Your degree is only the start. But what route do you choose?

UZH Journal 2/20 (Cover)

Focus: Rich and varied career opportunities

Illustrationen zur Nachhaltigkeit

Studying opens up many career paths outside the traditional academic careers. We present the career paths of six people who have studied or received their doctorate at the UZH and who continue to work in a research-oriented manner.


Debate: Communicate uncertainties clearly

Never before has science been in the public limelight more than it is now because of Covid-19. Can it benefit from this? Communications researcher Mark Eisenegger and epidemiologist Milo Puhan discuss the gain in prestige, but also what’s at stake.


“Communicate uncertainties clearly”

Faces of Research


Reto Nyffeler studies specimens from the Zurich Succulent Plant Collection..


In the spotlight

Stevan Vujmilovic

Alexandra Trkola, head of the Institute of Medical Virology at UZH, has been showing her mettle as a researcher and communicator.


Equipped With Tablet, Headset and Webcam

Robert Zingg

The short-term switch to digital teaching and learning in the spring was a challenge for all teaching staff. We spoke to three particularly dedicated teachers about their experiences during this extraordinary first semester living with coronavirus.


My Alma Mater

Rolf Kuemmerli

Salome Hohl, art historian, curator and recently-appointed director of Zurich’s Cabaret Voltaire, looks back on her UZH student days.