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“Find out what’s working”

Vera Tramer und Carmen Muffler

Subhead: Joint moderators

Master’s students of popular culture have the chance to develop their teaching skills by holding their own seminar on a topic of their choice. Carmen Muffler and Vera Tamer applied with a program thought through to the last detail, with almost every session featuring a different didactic format – including bullet point-based plenary discussions, mind-mapping, and card-based brainstorming. They set themselves high standards: They wanted their jointly-run course to be as varied, inspiring and lively as possible. Despite their meticulous planning, the seminar – which included an analysis of Disney movies from a feminist perspective – was a leap into the dark. “We were really glad of each other’s support,” they explain. Mid-semester they did a student course evaluation, thoroughly analyzing the results to find out what was working and what wasn’t. Among other things they discovered that while they themselves had a fairly modest view of their own role, the students on the seminar saw them as authorities on the subject. “We saw our role as leading the seminar and moderating the discussions.” But the bottom line was extremely positive: “Our joint tutorial was one of the most intense experiences we’ve had in our studies so far.”(dwe)

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«Our joint tutorial was one of the most intense experiences we’ve had in our studies so far»

Vera Tramer und Carmen Muffler


Vera Tramer and Carmet Muffler led a reading seminar, trying out different didactic methods in the process.
Image: Frank Brüderli