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Digital Entrepreneurship

The two digital entrepreneurship courses initiated by the UZH Innovation Hub are aimed at students and future scholars from all faculties. The course Digital Ventures Leadership & Foundation, which will be offered in the Spring Semester from 2021, brings together Master’s students and junior researchers who already have a start-up idea or have developed a product prototype, and successful entrepreneurs and industry experts. The course focuses on exchanging experience on setting up and running a digital business.
Maria Olivares, Head of Innovation, understands the importance of a professional and broad network when you want to make your marketing idea a reality and set up a business. “Participants therefore learn in a hands-on way how entrepreneurs set up and run their start-ups. Experts from diverse fields also provide information on the organizational, legal and financial aspects of setting up a business in Switzerland, and are on hand to answer participants’ question in a subsequent interactive discussion session.” 
The Digital Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, which is offered in the Fall Semester, is aimed at students and junior researchers who first want to have the market potential of their business idea validated and who want to take the first steps towards development of a digital product or service. “This is about interdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation,” explains Maria Olivares. “We enable boot campers to work on progressive solutions to real societal problems with business experts and coaches. We also encourage them to be proactive about putting their teams together. The chances that someone will be interested in working on a good idea are high.” Experience shows that mixed teams that bring together talented people from different disciplinary backgrounds are more dynamic. “From our experience, we see that the key problems, but also the potential to solve them, lie precisely at the interfaces between subjects. Which is why we strongly encourage students who are keen to set up a business to engage in transdisciplinary collaboration in mixed teams.”